Waterproof pouch

Our washable and reusable waterproof pouches are :

Easy to wash and care for: A simple rinse in cold water before a 30° machine wash is all you need to maintain your towels and keep them effective for several years.

Convenient size: Length 18 cm / width 14 cm

Healthy and odorless: Pockets are made of waterproof PUL, which effectively absorbs moisture and odors.

Modèle: Eden (Blanc / Motif Oiseaux)


The MA LOULOUTE waterproof pouch with zipper is an essential for discreetly carrying your menstrual pads, panties or bathing suits before or after use.

Our pouch is waterproof, discreet, fun and super practical. It limits stains and odors when it contains your used protection!

  • Ultra practical, it allows you to store up to two menstrual panties, your bathing suit and up to 8 washable and reusable pads.
  • your washable pads can be stored safely, your pouch is waterproof and 100% leakproof
  • practical size, it allows you to store up to two menstrual panties, your swimsuit and up to 8 washable and reusable pads but not only!
  • it fits perfectly in your backpack, purse and can also be used to carry your UPC, sunscreen, makeup, or anything else you want to carry safely!
  • available in 5 models and 4 sizes.

Maintenance advice

We advise you to wash your pouch every time it has carried a used sanitary protection. The best way is to rinse it with water, cold or at room temperature, and then wash it at the end of the cycle. It can be washed up to 60 degrees in the washing machine, preferably with organic detergent.

Your pouch can be air dried or tumble dried on a gentle cycle.

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