Welcome girls!

But what’s happening to you?

Will your first period arrive soon?

Ma Louloute tells you everything about this important stage and accompanies you with a kit in which you’ll find all that you need.

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Ma Louloute Kit

Your first period kit

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Ma Louloute

Do you want to be ready when the Big Day comes?

If so, then listen carefully to your body. As you approach your first period, it will send you some signals.
What’s it like?
Ma Louloute
Sois à l'écoute de ton corps
A cocooning moment!

A cocooning moment!

To create perfect moment, discover our mugs and candles!

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Essential refills

Essential refills

To be ready next month ;)

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  • Delphine
    Hello, my daughter Jahnissa is 11 and a half years old, and she’s had her period for 4 months now. It happened so calmly, one day she came out of the bathroom and coolly said “there it is, I got my period”. She didn’t cry, or scream, she didn’t...
  • GOEN
    Received not too long ago and it's already in her school bag. So I got: and you how old were you when you got your first period? Do you still have them? Oh really!!!? You're old though (42 years old...😏) Does it hurt? And she thought from the...
    Beautiful initative, we would have loved this too at the time. It should be distributed in schools!
  • ANNE
    These kits are a very good idea I bought two for my grand daughters and they loved them
  • AUDE
    Bought it for my sweet angel and I am very happy with it, we were very well prepared when the day came!
  • Vinciane
    I recommend all moms to order this kit for their daughters. A little book is included that answers all their questions with words they need and want to hear. It's really great!
  • Aurélie
    Hello, THANK YOU Ma Louloute!!! I ordered one for my 10 year old daughter!!!! She couldn't wait to get hers! She read the little book practically in one go, and asked a ton of questions....I'm not in a hurry, but now we'll just be waiting for her...
    I ordered in a pharmacy, I think the kit's wonderful!
  • Suzanne
    Got the kit today, and what a beautiful evening to talk to my sweet angel about her future period! She LOVES the kit and won't stop asking questions as she reads the guide. Your kits are a beautiful way of de-dramatizing this feminine event, and...