Référencé Vidal
Référencé Vidal

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Une gamme complète respectueuse de votre corps et de la planète

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Nos clients s'expriment !
Nos clients s'expriment !
Hello, my daughter Jahnissa is 11 and a half years old, and she’s had her period for 4 months now. It happened so calmly, one day she came out of the bathroom and coolly said “there it is, I got my period”. She didn’t cry, or scream, she didn’t...
Received not too long ago and it's already in her school bag. So I got: and you how old were you when you got your first period? Do you still have them? Oh really!!!? You're old though (42 years old...😏) Does it hurt? And she thought from the...
Beautiful initative, we would have loved this too at the time. It should be distributed in schools!
These kits are a very good idea I bought two for my grand daughters and they loved them
Bought it for my sweet angel and I am very happy with it, we were very well prepared when the day came!
I recommend all moms to order this kit for their daughters. A little book is included that answers all their questions with words they need and want to hear. It's really great!
Hello, THANK YOU Ma Louloute!!! I ordered one for my 10 year old daughter!!!! She couldn't wait to get hers! She read the little book practically in one go, and asked a ton of questions....I'm not in a hurry, but now we'll just be waiting for her...
I ordered in a pharmacy, I think the kit's wonderful!
Got the kit today, and what a beautiful evening to talk to my sweet angel about her future period! She LOVES the kit and won't stop asking questions as she reads the guide. Your kits are a beautiful way of de-dramatizing this feminine event, and...