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Our panties are guaranteed:

0 % leakage: Thanks to the 4 levels of absorption feel safe. Our menstrual panties adapt to each of your movements and keeps you perfectly dry, without any discomfort.
0% odor: Its absorbent part is natural and does not contain any chemical or toxic product, responsible for the bad smells.
0% feeling of moisture: The ultra-absorbent fabric which is inside the panties, drains and retains blood durably to ensure a dry comfort on the surface.
0% toxic product: All our fabrics, laces and elastics are guaranteed without harmful substance for you and the environment.
0% waste: All our menstrual panties are washable and reusable during many years.

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Our washable and reusable menstrual panties absorb blood during your period/ menstrual cycle.
It provides up to 12 hours of protection.
According to your flow and the duration of your cycle, it can replace your disposable protections at night or be used in complement.
Our panties are guaranteed anti bacterial, anti odor and anti moisture.
Soft and comfortable, our menstrual panties are suitable for light, normal and heavy flows.

Available in small and large sizes (S to XL), they are very easy to use and maintain.


Exterior: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
Lining: 80% polyester, 20% nylon
Membrane: PUL breathable - anti-leakage, 100% microfiber

Its design integrates 3 materials and 4 layers with specific properties for comfort, protection and efficiency 100% guaranteed.

Available in 4 sizes: S / M / L / XL

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