Day Towels

First range of sanitary protection delivered in BULK according to your desires and needs.

Made of 100% certified organic cotton, and nothing else!

Ideal for days of medium to heavy flow.


For reasons of hygiene and well-being, we advise you to change your pad approximately every 4 hours.

To put a pad on, simply remove the adhesive strip and stick it to the bottom of your underwear. If there are wings, simply fold and stick the wings under each side of the underwear and you're done!

Don't forget to throw your towels in the garbage, not in the toilet, as this could clog them. Use the bag around the new towel to wrap the used towel.

Packaging: 6 unités


All of our products "IN BULK" are sold and delivered by 6 and by 12 units !

The " MA LOULOUTE" pads with wings are specially designed to offer you reinforced protection all day long.

You will be surprised by their softness. Their soft and fresh veil gives you a unique comfort and a fresh feeling for hours.

All Ma Louloute towels are made of 100% certified organic cotton, not only the veil, but also the absorbent core. The waterproof bottom is made of vegetable fiber, partly from corn starch.

All our sanitary pads are packed in individual pouches.

Our pads are dermatologically tested, contain no perfume and are not bleached with chlorine.

The set is made especially for the Louloutes.


  • Top sheet: 100% cotton non-woven
  • Absorbent core: 100% vegetable cellulose
  • Waterproof adhesive bottom: biopolymer (vegetable fiber)
  • Individual packaging: non-biodegradable
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