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Our washable and reusable towels are guaranteed :

Ultra-Absorbent: With our new absorption technology ranging from 40ml to 80ml per pad, you won't feel any discomfort or leakage, so you can safely enjoy your day.

Easy to wash and maintain: A simple rinse in cold water before a 30° machine wash is all you need to maintain your towels and keep them effective for several years.

Maximum comfort: Thanks to the softness of our towels and their scalloped cuts, the towels will fit your body perfectly.

Healthy and odorless: The towels are composed of several insulating layers of microfiber and bamboo fiber, which allows them to absorb moisture and odors effectively.

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Our washable sanitary napkins absorb blood during your period and throughout your menstrual cycle. They are used like a disposable sanitary napkin.

Soft and comfortable, they are suitable for light, normal and heavy menstrual flows. They ensure a protection until 12 hours according to your menstrual flow, thanks to its 4 layers including 2 ultra-absorbent.

Thanks to their 2 press studs, they will be well adjusted, and fit all panty models, for safer periods without leaks.


1 layer of Bamboo fiber

2 layers of microfiber

1 layer of PUL

Its design integrates 3 materials and 4 layers with specific properties for comfort, protection and 100% guaranteed effectiveness.

Available in 4 sizes: S / M / L / XL


The use of the washable sanitary napkins is very simple. You put your protection at the bottom of your panties (plain side against the panties and patterned side up) and you fix it thanks to the very practical press-studs present on the flaps.

Maintenance advice

The best way is to pre-wash them with water, cold or at room temperature, then wash them at the end of the cycle. They can be washed up to 60 degrees in machine with organic detergent preferably.

The towel can be air dried or tumble dried on a gentle cycle.

When should I wear a washable sanitary napkin?

Washable and reusable sanitary towels are mainly used during menstruation. They are best used during the day, and are worn between 4 and 6 hours depending on your flow. They are used in the same way as the disposable pad, with the difference that you fold it once used, you slip it in your waterproof pocket.


Ideally, you should have enough washable sanitary napkins to last 3 days (the time to wear them, wash them and dry them). To get an idea, write down the number of traditional sanitary napkins you needed during your last three periods. About 10 washable pads in advance seems to be a good average.

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