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Our swimsuits are guaranteed:

0% leakage: Thanks to the 4 levels of absorption feel safe for 6 hours. Our 1-piece menstrual swimsuits adapt to your every move and keep you perfectly dry, without any discomfort.
0% odor: Its absorbent part is natural and does not contain any chemical or toxic products, responsible for bad odors.
0% humidity sensation: The ultra absorbent fabric inside the swimsuit drains and retains blood to ensure a dry comfort on the surface.
0% toxic products: All our fabrics and elastics are guaranteed without harmful substances for you and the environment.
0% waste: All our swimsuits are washable and reusable for many years.

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Discover the first menstrual swimsuit that can be worn without additional protection for the duration of your sport!

This exclusive swimsuit guarantees maximum waterproofness during your sport and provides real absorption of your period.

Its sporty and fitted cut is especially adapted to swimming and its eco-durable material offers you a total freedom of movement.

Our washable and reusable menstrual swimsuits absorb blood during your period/menstrual cycle.

Our swimsuits are guaranteed anti bacterial, anti odor and anti humidity.
Soft and comfortable, our menstrual swimsuits are suitable for light, normal and heavy flows.

Its innovative anti-leakage technology is composed of an absorbent draining material, hidden inside a waterproof panty that prevents blood from dispersing into the water.

It is possible that a tiny amount of water may get inside the panty, but rest assured, it will not come out thanks to the specially adapted anti-leak barriers.

Available in small and large sizes (S to XL), they are very easy to use and maintain. They are ideal for a Louloute who begins her menstrual cycle and wishes to practice swimming in all peace.

What is a menstrual swimsuit?

It is a one-piece swimsuit composed of an absorbent part, on the same principle as our menstrual panties. The main difference being that the absorption of the flow and the blood flow will be ensured in the water.

Is it really effective?

Absolutely! for a light and medium flow, this menstrual swimsuit will be more than enough. It replaces any other periodical protection.

Little tip: If your flow is heavy and you go swimming, we recommend an additional internal protection (tampon) as a precaution.

When not in water and for all types of flow, it guarantees protection for up to 6 hours.


After use, rinse your swimsuit in cold water until it is clear, then wash your swimsuit in the machine (30%) or by hand. The use of a mild stain remover soap can be used. Do not apply greasy or oily products.to dry, avoid wringing out your swimsuit and blot it in a towel.dry it in the open air and never in the dryer and preferably in the shade because the sun's rays tend to discolor the textile fibers


Main material: 85% nylon, 15% spandex

Bottom: 51% Hydrophilamide, 42% polyamide, 7% elastane

Absorbent: 100% polyester

Waterproof membrane: PUL breathable - anti leakage, 85% nylon, 15% spandex

Its design integrates 3 materials and 4 layers with specific properties for comfort, protection and efficiency 100% guaranteed.

Available in 5 sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL

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