Super pads without applicator

First range of sanitary protection delivered in BULK according to your desires and needs.Made of 100% certified organic cotton, and nothing else! Up to 100% protection against leaks, whatever your flow.


Wash your hands, then remove the pad from its packaging. Sit in a comfortable position. Hold the inner part of the string between your thumb and middle finger and place the rounded end of the applicator in your vaginal opening. Gently push into your vagina until your fingers touch your body.

With your index finger, push the bottom part up. The tampon will slide out on its own into a comfortable position where you won't feel it.

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Packaging: 6 unités


All of our "IN BULK" products are sold and delivered by 6 and by 12 units!

Ma Louloute's tampons are specially designed to offer you a reinforced protection during the whole day

We have different sizes and absorbency: mini-normal and super depending on your flow.Whatever your movements, they offer you optimal protection and comfort against leakage thanks to their super absorbent core and cotton veil

They're specially designed for easy, gentle and smooth insertion. The first few times you use them, you may need a few tries to get them right, but they will be much more comfortable to wear later than a towel. The towels will then be reserved for you to wear at night

The set is made especially for the Louloutes.The patented 360° absorbent core with Cotton Lock 360° system prevents the fibers from remaining on the vaginal walls when the tampon is removed.


  • Upper layer: 100% organic cotton
  • Absorbent core: 100% organic cotton
  • Thread: 100% organic cotton
  • Individual packaging: recyclable paper


  • Make sure you change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours maximum and use a minimal absorption, adapted to your flow.
  • Use a tampon only during part of the day, alternating the use of tampons and sanitary napkins
  • Avoid using tampons outside of menstrual periods or as a precaution.
  • Wash your hands before and after inserting/removing your sanitary protection.
  • At night, use an external protection to reduce the risk of developing toxic shock syndrome.
  • A woman who has already had CTS should not use internal protection.
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