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Its scents like to speak to us, as a wise, calm and serene guide, of the incredible beauty that nature offers us. Considered as the symbol of the enjoyment of life with all its colors, scents and forms. lemon and vanilla flowers.

Lime Blossom & Vanilla Candle



Scented candles of 290 g, with flower essence extracts that cultivate a high level of requirement. The scents transport you to lands where the flora takes its rights, with intense colors and bewitching perfumes. Our candles keep their promises to scent your home for a long time.

Burning time: 60 hours.

Type: Art Candle
Material: Paraffin wax; Soy wax available
Feature: Scented
Shape: Pillar
Handmade: Yes
Use: Holiday;Home Decoration;Gifts
Scent: Lime blossom & vanilla
Jar Matrial: Glass jar
Burning Time: 60 hours
Wax Weight: 290g
Jar Size: 88*100 mm
Certifications: REACH, CLP.
Shelf Life:2 years

EAN13: 3760265340217

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