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The Rose & Geranium candle delivers a sweet and intoxicating bouquet. Its complex scent of petals and leaves will bring a cheerful touch to any occasion. With a mixture of raw and refined aromas, this candle will perfume your home for nearly 60 hours.

Rose & Geranium Candle



290 g scented candles, with high quality flower extracts. The fragrance will transport you to a place where Mother Nature is in control, with intense colours and bewitching scents. Our candles deliver a long-lasting fragrance to your home. Burning time: 60 hours.

Type: Art Candle
Material: Paraffin wax; Soy wax available
Feature: Scented
Color: RED
Shape:  Pillar
Handmade: Yes
Use: Holiday; Home Decoration; Gifts
Scent: Rose & Geranium
Jar Material: Glass jar
Burning Time: 60 hours
Wax Weight: 290 g
Jar Size: 88*100 mm
Certifications: REACH, CLP.
Shelf Life: 2 years

EAN13: 3760265340217

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